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Re: [tycho-dev] Tycho Gerrit Review Process: Some Questions

See inline.

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> Subject: [tycho-dev] Tycho Gerrit Review Process: Some Questions
> Hi there!
> I am a computer scientist at Technical University of Munich. My field of
> research is Code Reviews. My research questions focus around which types
> of defects are usually found during code reviews in open source
> projects. For this, I want to set-up an empirical study with open source
> systems employing Gerrit Code Reviews. Tycho could be one of them.
> paulweb515 in #eclipse-dev pin-pointed me to look at Tycho.
> A quick scan through the code base of Tycho suggested to me that code
> reviews are mandatory for every commit. Before I could include Tycho
> into the study I have a few questions:
> 1) Is this ture, i.e. is the review policy rigorous? Or are there
> changes to the repository that can go un-reviewed?

Trivial changes can go in without offering them for review. Also, we don't require a review - only that committers offer the chance for review. This is typically done by proposing a change in Gerrit and by waiting three days before submitting it.

BTW, this are our Gerrit permissions:,access.

> 2) Since when do you use code review?

Since April 2012 ->

> 3) I noticed there can arise changes without a linked bugzilla id.
> When/why does this happen?

Trivial changes like formatting or pure refactoring changes don't need a corresponding bug. If there is no functional change, there is no need to have an entry in the issue&change tracker.

> Thanks a lot for helping me.
> Best
> Moritz


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