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[tycho-dev] Tycho Gerrit Review Process: Some Questions

Hi there!

I am a computer scientist at Technical University of Munich. My field of research is Code Reviews. My research questions focus around which types of defects are usually found during code reviews in open source projects. For this, I want to set-up an empirical study with open source systems employing Gerrit Code Reviews. Tycho could be one of them. paulweb515 in #eclipse-dev pin-pointed me to look at Tycho.

A quick scan through the code base of Tycho suggested to me that code reviews are mandatory for every commit. Before I could include Tycho into the study I have a few questions:

1) Is this ture, i.e. is the review policy rigorous? Or are there changes to the repository that can go un-reviewed?
2) Since when do you use code review?
3) I noticed there can arise changes without a linked bugzilla id. When/why does this happen?

Thanks a lot for helping me.


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