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Re: [tycho-dev] Replacing BeanShell by Groovy

On 11/20/2012 01:59 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
Instead of trying to force us do the extra work needed to switch to
Have you estimated how much "extra work" it would be. I'd say 5 minutes to open CQ. Once accepted, a few second to merge both contributions (move from BeanShell to Groovy, fix source feature title). Not sure such a little time needs such a debate.

why not rewrite the test in beanshell as I originally suggested?
Groovy is a way better technology for the use-cases that are in Tycho than BeanShell. Parsing XML in Groovy is trivial. There are a some TODOs in current BeanShell scripts that are to be filled with XML Parsing and verification. With Groovy, those TODOs would never have existed, and there would always have been XML parsing.

The patch would have been accepted long time ago if you did not insist
on groovy. /me shrugs
I agreed it would be better to keep only one language for validation. There is a Gerrit contribution pending to move all tests to Groovy, so it's easier to write better quality validation after maven-invoker-plugin. It's just renaming files. So I still don't understand why you are not enthusiast in using Groovy.

Using BeanShell or Groovy requires a CQ for maven-invoker-plugin, which was not requested yet. BeanShell and Groovy would get both accepted as part of the same CQ as dependencies of maven-invoker-plugin. So in any case, you HAVE TO do this extra work to align with IP cleanness for Tycho. I described how to request this CQ previously.
So I also don't understand why does it seem so difficult to open a CQ.
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