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Re: [tycho-dev] [pde-dev] Resolving against multiple .target files

On 09/10/2012 01:22 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
I don't think references relative to target file location will be too
useful. The goal is to allow use the same eclipse workspace for work on
multiple related but separate codebases, like m2e and m2e-wtp for
example. It is unreasonable to expect the codebases to be located is
particular directory structure on filesystem, i.e. next to each other.
More importantly though, the codebases will be built separately on
command line, so m2e-wtp build most likely will not have access to m2e
sources at all.
If you make your .target file available on a public repo, it's easy to have m2e-wtp download the m2e target file using maven-dependency-plugin:get mojo. So you can download it to a specified directory so the reference could work.

@Gunnar: I don't think there is need to introduce a new variable. Support relative path would do the same in a more straightforward approach.
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