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Re: [tycho-dev] [pde-dev] Resolving against multiple .target files

On 09/07/2012 09:05 PM, Curtis Windatt wrote:
In conlusion, PDE doesn't support this change as described.  If there is another workflow that would satisfy your use cases we can take another look (i.e. Allowing target definitions to import from other target definitions dynamically).
Allowing references would work too, but how to define this reference? We need to find a way to define references that works in both PDE and Tycho, I think the only thing that could work in both cases would be to have references supporting relative paths.
If PDE is not going to support that, I think a workaround would be to create a Tycho mojo that merges target files to create a new one. Then in Tycho, we could use and publish this merged target, and developer would be able to use it in PDE.
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