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Re: [tycho-dev] gerrit

Yes, you should +1 changes you reviewed to communicate this to other


On 12-05-11 9:55 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
This was not my perception - I think I had a look at most changes that happened since we used Gerrit. For many of them, I silently agreed to the change being done. Should I doing comments like "saw the change - nothing to say" to make this clearer when this happens?


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On 12-05-11 9:14 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:

Second, I actually don't see much value in doing code reviews for
majority of changes given Tycho dev team size and composition, i.e.
very small number of developers with about the same level of
experience with the code. All review comments I made or received,
at least so far, were minor and I believe the same discussion can
happen without Gerrit.

I actually feel that Gerrit is a huge step forward when it comes to
talking about code. I don't see that this is really possible through
any other means. And hence by not using Gerrit, I think that we would
deprive us of the possibility to talk about the code.

Why is that? We can and actually did talk about the code before Gerrit.
Waiting<put a random number of hours here>  just because somebody might
want to talk about your change seems like a waste to me.

Generally I believe code reviews provide two main benefits -- spreading
the knowledge about the code and preventing obviously bad stuff from
getting checked in -- and both of these goals can be achieved on master.

This is especially so because I don't actually see much review happening
in Gerrit, we stage changes, wait, then merge. So I say we give Gerrit
about month or so to see if we start using it for real or not...

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