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Re: [tycho-dev] gerrit

This was not my perception - I think I had a look at most changes that happened since we used Gerrit. For many of them, I silently agreed to the change being done. Should I doing comments like "saw the change - nothing to say" to make this clearer when this happens?


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> On 12-05-11 9:14 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
> >
> >> Second, I actually don't see much value in doing code reviews for
> >> majority of changes given Tycho dev team size and composition, i.e.
> >> very small number of developers with about the same level of
> >> experience with the code. All review comments I made or received,
> >> at least so far, were minor and I believe the same discussion can
> >> happen without Gerrit.
> >
> > I actually feel that Gerrit is a huge step forward when it comes to
> > talking about code. I don't see that this is really possible through
> > any other means. And hence by not using Gerrit, I think that we would
> > deprive us of the possibility to talk about the code.
> >
> Why is that? We can and actually did talk about the code before Gerrit.
> Waiting <put a random number of hours here> just because somebody might
> want to talk about your change seems like a waste to me.
> Generally I believe code reviews provide two main benefits -- spreading
> the knowledge about the code and preventing obviously bad stuff from
> getting checked in -- and both of these goals can be achieved on master.
> This is especially so because I don't actually see much review happening
> in Gerrit, we stage changes, wait, then merge. So I say we give Gerrit
> about month or so to see if we start using it for real or not...
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