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[tycho-dev] gerrit

I have a question/problem with our current Gerrit workflow I'd like to

First, I find overhead of using Gerrit very high. We have to stage the
change, give other developers time to review, rebase, stage rebased
change and finally merge. Having to rebase after wait pretty much forces
development of each change on a feature branch, which adds to the
overall overhead.

Second, I actually don't see much value in doing code reviews for
majority of changes given Tycho dev team size and composition, i.e. very
small number of developers with about the same level of experience with
the code. All review comments I made or received, at least so far, were
minor and I believe the same discussion can happen without Gerrit.

So my proposal is to push directly to master as the normal course of
action and use Gerrit reviews only when we want to ask other developers
opinion/comments. In the worst case we'd need to go back and
revert/rework some of the commits that went to master directly, but I
expect this to happen very rarely.

What do you think?


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