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Re: [tycho-dev] [tycho-user] <optionalDependencies> configuration parameter

Here is a draft of the new configuration format [1]. I plan to implement
this for 0.14, but still allow current format with a scary deprecation

Comments, suggestions?



On 12-01-09 1:13 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
<optionalDependencies> affects dependency resolution. compiler-plugin is
one consumer of resolved dependencies, but optionalDependencies should
affect all consumers of resolved project dependnecies, so having
optionalDependencies under compiler configuration is misleading.

<executionEnvironment> affects target platform collection, dependency
resolution, compilation, tests and other cases I don't currently see, so
having executionEnvironment under target platform configuration is

<extraRequirements> affect dependency resolution and test runtime, so
having it configured under compiler configuration is misleading.

Originally, Tycho only needed to configure target platform calculation
logic, but this is clearly not the case any more. So why look for
"mostly" appropriate places for new configuration parameters, when
proper solution is possible?


On 12-01-09 12:43 PM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
Do you still think that optionalDependencies should both affect the
compiler and test runtime? If not, what is wrong with specifying
parameters that (mostly) affect only the compiler in the
tycho-compiler-plugin configuration section?

Bug 367701 is independent on how (syntactically) the optional
dependencies resolution behaviour is specified. The root cause is
that there is a intra-reactor side-effect of configuration in one
module on another module. This would be no different with a different
configuration location.

Regards Tobias >
Igor Fedorenko wrote:
Yes, there is a pressing need for consistent long-term approach to
capture Tycho configuration in pom.xml file, and bug 367701 just proves
this need.

Although backwards compatibility is certainly is a concern, I want to
decide on ideal configuration format first, before looking at
compatibility issues.


On 12-01-09 8:36 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
This seems like a proposal for an incompatible change. I don't really
see a pressing need for this. Did we not figure out, that the effect
of the optionalDependencies compiler-plugin parameter on the test
runtime is rather is buggy [1] and needs to be revised anyway?>


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On 12-01-03 4:34 AM, Mickael Istria wrote:
On 30/12/2011 16:23, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
1. tycho-compiler-plugin<configuation> block
IMHO tycho-compiler-plugin is the place where to deal with compiling
options, such as flags to enable line numbers in compiled code. This
not the place where I'd look for resolution of

2. new target-dependency-configuration<configuration> block,
from target-platform-configuration
3. new target-resolver-configuration<configuration> block, that
supersedes target-platform-configuration and allows configuration of
aspects of Tycho dependency resolution
IMHO, both would be fine. Of both, I tend to prefer target-resolver
because the word "resolution" is very clear and most stuff I red
the optionalDependency issue do mention the word "resolve".

How about generic tycho-configuration<configuration> block, which will
allow either subsection or use feature:parameter naming convention to
separate configuration parameters the control different parts of Tycho
behaviour, i.e. target platform, dependency resolution, p2 parameters
and so on?

Some configuration parameters, like<executionEnvironment>,
that should apply to pretty much everything Tycho does -- target
platform collection, dependency resolution, compilation, and running
test. Today we configure such parameters under
target-platform-configuration<configuration> block, and I think this
rather confusing.

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