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[tycho-dev] <optionalDependencies> configuration parameter

In order to handle optional dependencies, we've introduced new
<optionalDependencies> configuration parameter. If the parameter set to
"require", the default, Tycho will treat optional dependencies as
required and will fail the build if any of the optional dependencies is
missing or cannot be resolved for some other reason. If set to "ignore",
Tycho will completely ignore the optional dependencies.

The behaviour described above controls project compile classpath and
contents of OSGi test runtime of eclipse-test-plugin project. It does
not affect contents of the project build target platform.

What is the most intuitive, i.e. the least confusing, place for
<optionalDependencies> configuration parameter?

1. tycho-compiler-plugin <configuation> block
2. new target-dependency-configuration <configuration> block, separate
from target-platform-configuration
3. new target-resolver-configuration <configuration> block, that
supersedes target-platform-configuration and allows configuration of all
aspects of Tycho dependency resolution
4. something else entirely

Your opinion?


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