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Re: [tycho-dev] <optionalDependencies> configuration parameter

Igor Fedorenko wrote:
> In order to handle optional dependencies, we've introduced new
> <optionalDependencies> configuration parameter. If the parameter set to
> "require", the default, Tycho will treat optional dependencies as
> required and will fail the build if any of the optional dependencies is
> missing or cannot be resolved for some other reason. If set to "ignore",
> Tycho will completely ignore the optional dependencies.
> The behaviour described above controls project compile classpath and
> contents of OSGi test runtime of eclipse-test-plugin project.
Currently, this doesn't work reliably [1].

IMHO the requirements for the test runtime are generally different to what is needed for compilation, so I think there should be separate parameters for each.


[1]  Optional dependencies in test runtime depends on reactor

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