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  • [transformer-dev] Perform selective transform, Amit Pande
  • [transformer-dev] Transformation failing .., Amit Pande
  • [transformer-dev] Question about package rename scope, jan luehe
  • [transformer-dev] Looking for guidance on transforming Apache CXF Tomcat Plugin ver 1.6.1 from javax to jakarta, markjones@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • [transformer-dev] org.eclipse.transformer.action.impl.ClassActionImpl.setClassNames() NPE, jan luehe
  • [transformer-dev] Best way to transform groovy script file, Tim Alkhatib
  • [transformer-dev] Transformer 0.5.0 release, BJ Hargrave
  • [transformer-dev] Can I use transformer-maven-plugin to transform dependency jars, fsuchy@xxxxxxxxx
  • [transformer-dev] 0.4.0 release is now available on Maven Central, BJ Hargrave
  • [transformer-dev] 0.4.0 release, BJ Hargrave
  • [transformer-dev] Class loader transformations, Basil Crow
  • [transformer-dev] Help Need on Eclipse Transformer, priyank agarwal
  • [transformer-dev] Does anyone have a bash script for transforming classes/archives from EE 8 => EE 9 ?, Scott Marlow
  • [transformer-dev] 0.2.0 in Maven Central, BJ Hargrave
  • [transformer-dev] Has anyone figured out how to transform Jakarta EE 8 XSD parsing code into code that handles Jakarta EE 9 XSDs?, Scott Marlow
  • [transformer-dev] Is Java reflection handling still needed?, Scott Marlow
  • [transformer-dev] TomEE status with Eclipse Transformer, David Blevins
  • Welcome to transformer-dev, portal on behalf of emo

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