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[tracecompass-dev] Video Materials and Youtube Channel

Hi guys,

I'm currently working with Ciena where I spend most of my time resolving performance issues and I have been asked many times to present demos to show how to use TraceCompass for effective performance investigation. 

So to solve this, I made 4 videos "101", each video was about 2-5 minutes, where I explain the basic stuff about how to import a trace, and how to use experiments to merge kernel and user space traces and other stuff too. Then I just showed those videos on demos and that's it.

4 videos are not enough, and I intend to create more, but I need the help of the community to take this idea and make it public, because this method is 100% effective for promoting TraceCompass and it actually working very well at my job.

I'm proposing to the community to create a Youtube Channel that will be called "TraceCompass", where we can put tutorials and demos like the one I did at Ciena, and people around the world can use this material for education / work / conferences.

I have created a shared google document where I have added some ideas about what type of videos to make, feel free to add your ideas too.

Currently I can't share my videos with you, because it contains private trace data. But I would like to start from scratch and create videos with generic traces to make them public on the TraceCompass YouTube channel.

I'm creating video materials for TraceCompass, If you want to join me on this mission we can make TraceCompass Great Again :).

Put your name in "Contributors" section in the document, if you want to help on this project.


Abderrahmane Benbachir

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