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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Video Materials and Youtube Channel

Perfect, I will do the rest under "Newbee 101" section.

2018-05-14 7:20 GMT-04:00 Suchakra <suchakra@xxxxxxxxx>:
This is great! I would like to help wherever I can. Currently,  we are
planning to submit a lab/tutorial session for LISA 2018 totally dedicated
to Trace Compass. If it gets accepted, this will be of huge help.

I would start by working on the first video of the series which I suggested
in the doc. Another inspirational introductory example which developers
immediately connected was dnf vs apt (I presented it once in a conference).
It was inspired from Francis' investigations This
acts as a decent end-to-end example.


On Sat, May 12, 2018 at 12:03 PM Abderrahmane Benbachir <
anis.benbachir@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi guys,

> I'm currently working with Ciena where I spend most of my time resolving
performance issues and I have been asked many times to present demos to
show how to use TraceCompass for effective performance investigation.

> So to solve this, I made 4 videos "101", each video was about 2-5
minutes, where I explain the basic stuff about how to import a trace, and
how to use experiments to merge kernel and user space traces and other
stuff too. Then I just showed those videos on demos and that's it.

> 4 videos are not enough, and I intend to create more, but I need the help
of the community to take this idea and make it public, because this method
is 100% effective for promoting TraceCompass and it actually working very
well at my job.

> I'm proposing to the community to create a Youtube Channel that will be
called "TraceCompass", where we can put tutorials and demos like the one I
did at Ciena, and people around the world can use this material for
education / work / conferences.

> I have created a shared google document where I have added some ideas
about what type of videos to make, feel free to add your ideas too.

> Currently I can't share my videos with you, because it contains private
trace data. But I would like to start from scratch and create videos with
generic traces to make them public on the TraceCompass YouTube channel.

> I'm creating video materials for TraceCompass, If you want to join me on
this mission we can make TraceCompass Great Again :).

> Put your name in "Contributors" section in the document, if you want to
help on this project.

> thanks,.

> --
> Abder

Abderrahmane Benbachir

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