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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Remaining patches for Neon

Ok, let's try to get the debug-info patch in ( today. The other ones we keep on master.

Thanks for the clarification

On 06/07/2016 09:27 AM, Alexandre Montplaisir wrote:
Hi Bernd,

On 2016-06-07 07:47 AM, Bernd Hufmann wrote:
Hi Alex

I really would like to get these patches in but tomorrow is RC4 build. Should something goes wrong there is no chance to fix it. If we are lucky, we can as for respin of the release train. Theses patches (below) don't seem trivial fixes.

What are the risks for Trace Compass (and the C/C++ EPP) if we still merge them.
What would be the effect for the user if we don't merge them?

They would be released in Neon.1. If needed you could create a 2.0.1 release shortly after Neon.

Any thoughts? Patch for debug-info analysis

This patch imo is very important. It allows to correctly identify a binary/library type, without it source lookup may not work at all for some libraries and the reason really won't be obvious to the user.

Simon tried the feature earlier and experienced this problem, with a library he compiled by hand. I don't remember the exact details, maybe he can say more about it.

Considering it's a new 2.0 feature, at worst it would not regress anything. analysis.lami: Split axis titles in label and units analysis.lami: Add units to timestamp axis title

These two patches fix the display of units in LAMI charts in some conditions. It's a much smaller problem. I think the patches are very good, and will be good to have in master, but I'd be really fine with them not being in 2.0.



On 06/06/2016 02:48 PM, Alexandre Montplaisir wrote:
I forgot two patches from Michael, which were also mentioned in Bug 493941, and would be great to have for Neon: analysis.lami: Split axis titles in label and units analysis.lami: Add units to timestamp axis title


On 2016-06-06 12:57 PM, Alexandre Montplaisir wrote:
Hi all,

Here is a list of patches I'd like to get in for Neon, if someone could spare a review, it would be much appreciated:

Patches in master, waiting to get in stable-2.0

Remaining patches about LAMI analyses
(while at it, if anyone could point out how to make the double-click/enter shortcut work, it'd be great!)

Patch for debug-info analysis
(I still need to open a bug for that one)

There is also a LAMI documentation patch that is coming up, we should put that up later today.


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