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[tracecompass-dev] Source tree now available!

Hi everyone!

At long last, we were able to push the initial code to the Trace Compass git repository. Rejoice! Anyone should now be able to pull it using $ git clone git://

We have tested that it runs and that the tests pass, but there might be some rough edges. In particular, there are still some references to org.eclipse.linuxtools in the releng, so you shouldn't try building an update site out of it yet. We'll try to get it cleaned up soon. But running the plugins directly, or building the RCP (see the README file at the top level) should work fine.

If you find anything broken, don't hesitate to report bugs. For a quick link, go to
then follow the "Report a Bug" link.

Next, I will request a Gerrit as well as an Hudson instance, after which we will announce the project (more) publicly, since then people will be able to start contributing patches.

Happy tracing!

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