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Re: [tracecompass-dev] ftrace support and roadmap

Hi Jerome

On 10/20/2014 06:31 AM, Jerome CORRENOZ wrote:

Hi all,


In our team, we’re interested by Trace Compass project which seems promising.

I'm happy to hear that your team is interested in Trace Compass.


Is it planned to add the support of ftrace which is the tracing framework for the Linux kernel?

From my company point of view, we don't have any plans to add support for ftrace. However, it would be great to have support for it in Trace Compass. We would welcome very much such a contribution.

If someone is interested to develop a ftrace trace type in Trace Compass, the developer guide for Trace Compass describes how to add it. Also, Trace Compass comes with built-in parsers, such as the Common Trace Format (CTF) parser, which can serve as good examples for adding a new trace type in Trace Compass. See [1] for the developer guide. Please note that this is still under Linux Tools. However, we'll update it for Trace Compass.

I think, new trace types available in Trace Compass and open source will spark new trace analyses and open source collaborations.


More generally, could you please let me know where to get some plans and roadmaps if already available ?

The project Trace Compass is currently being setup. The source code hasn't been migrated from the Eclipse Linux Tools project, but the first push to the Trace Compass repository should be done very soon. The project page has been started and the content of the project web site is being filled right now (See [2] for the Trace Compass project page). However, it's not finished and a lot needs to be added there. We don't have a road map available either yet.
Please bear with us till the project is fully setup. We'll inform the mailing list about the project setup progress.


Best regards,



[1] Trace Compass Developer Guide:
[2] Trace Compass Project Page:

Best Regards


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