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Re: [tools-pmc] Definition about icon to be used for branding

Hi Jeff,


I fully aggree… just note that AFAIK the way the about dialog works today, you’ll already get a separate icon for each contributor with a separate provider name.


Given Dave’s requirement that every (sub) project specifies their own provider name, we’ll be getting 50-100 IDENTICAL feature icons in the about dialog if each project uses the icon.


Unless we change the about dialog code, which might be what we should do (ie grouping identical icon names even if the provider name differs).





Martin Oberhuber, SMTS / Product Architect – Development Tools, Wind River

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Personally I would recommend using the Eclipse icon for the feature branding.  If every project had its own icon then the various EPP packages and product configurations would have 50-100 different feature icons and it starts loosing its value/meaning.  Despite each project feeling it is special/central, to the end users more often our stuff is just "Eclipse".



On 2011-03-17, at 10:51 AM, David M Williams wrote:

No, no standard icon. You are free to create your own, or, I'd suggest, use the "standard" Eclipse one, if you don't have your own.
As for Provider name, it should not be "" (for anyone). It should be "Eclipse <project name>" ... or, for those in "Tools" TLP, you could say "Eclipse <sub project name>".


From:        Daniel Pastore <kpqb38@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject:        [tools-pmc] Definition about icon to be used for branding
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Hi guys,

We from Sequoyah have just moved to Tools project, and we would like to know if is there a standard icon to be used for branding in our plugins/features (that shows in the about screen, for instance).
We used to have a DSDP icon for that, but since we migrated, it doesn't make sense anymore to use it.
Also, we have checked that other subprojects from Tools use "" as provider name property. Should we use this too?


Daniel Pastore
Sequoyah Team
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