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[tools-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for David Green

tools PMC Members,
This automatically generated message marks the completion of voting for
David Green's Committer status on the tools.mylyn project. As a PMC member,
you can approve or disapprove this vote through your My Foundation portal

David Green was nominated by Mik Kersten as follows: 
I nominate David Green for commit rights on the WikiText component of the
Mylyn project.  Since contributing WikiText to Mylyn (see David has resolved a whopping 54 bugs. 
David has been continually involved with the Mylyn project since April, has
supported Owen Ou's summer of code work, and is committed to making
WikiText rich editing of tasks one of the key features for the upcoming
Mylyn 3.1 release.  In addition, his efforts on enabling use of the
WikiText core components have relevance to other Eclipse projects, since he
has made it possible to automatically convert Eclipsepedia documentation to
the Eclipse Help system.

Mik Kersten
President & CTO,
Project Lead,

------------------------------- 54 bugs total
234210  enh  FIXE  [wikitext] Mylyn should support lightweight markup (eg:
Textile) in its task editor  
234212  enh  FIXE  [wikitext] Mylyn should have an extension point for
contributing viewers and editors for lightweight markup (eg: Textile)  
236367  enh  FIXE  [wikitext] MarkupParser has formatting typos  
236764  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] IDocument is potentially null in line 74 of
236768  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] pressing on the preview tab in the sandbox
bugzilla editor can cause an exception  
236787  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] markup preview has trailing whitespace that
takes up unnecessary space  
236961  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] hyperlinking does not work  
236985  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] MarkupViewer incorrectly translates
hyperlinks, significant whitespace gone  
237120  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] Bugzilla-specific Textile markup language
237170  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] hyperlink does not go back to normal once
mouse hovers  
237307  enh  FIXE  [wikitext] contributed markup editor should display
markup validation annotations  
238037  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] WikiText menu appears in all popup menus  
238497  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] when switching to another markup language,
the "new comment" section fails to create  
238843  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] parse exception when opening bug  
239043  nor  WORK  multiple links shows when hovering over bug id  
239383  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] TaskMarkupViewerConfiguration does not link
to repository  
239657  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] unable to load class
239875  nor  FIXE  rename "repository" attribute to "connectorKind"  
240743  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] Textile acronyms are incorrectly detected  
242811  nor  FIXE  [wikitext][releng] build integration  
242812  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] wikitext.ui project has validation errors  
242939  nor  FIXE  [wikitext][textile] BugzillaTextileLanguage should
detect Bugzilla-generated comments  
242944  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] textile content-assist incorrect for
+inserted+ text  
242976  nor  FIXE  ensure compatibility with Eclipse 3.3  
242977  nor  FIXE  [wikitext] provide spell checking  
242979  nor  FIXE  generate Eclipse help from wiki user guide  
242980  nor  DUPL  move WikiText help under Mylyn node  
242981  nor  FIXE  move WikiText help under Mylyn node  
243193  nor  FIXE  WikiText validation creates problem markers with the
wrong id  
243194  nor  FIXE  wikitext editor does not show annotations in its source
243202  nor  FIXE  [build] can't run org.eclipse.mylyn.releng/ on a
243255  nor  FIXE  [MediaWiki] internal hyperlink whitespace handling is
243256  nor  FIXE  [api] MarkupLanguage internal link configuration API  
243954  nor  FIXE  WikiText version number is showing up as 1.0.0 without
any suffix.  
243968  maj  FIXE  WikiText user guide is not generated as part of the
244110  nor  FIXE  MediaWikiImageFetcher doesn't fetch all images that are
in the downloaded HTML  
244111  nor  FIXE  generated help content missing 3 navigational images  
244215  nor  FIXE  WikiText user guide hyperlink to sample Textile document
is incorrect  
244240  maj  FIXE  Invalid handling of tables/pipes in Confluence markup  
244242  nor  FIXE  convert To Html/DocBook does not honor editor setting
for Markup Language  
244243  nor  INVA  [TaskEditor] WikiText preview button does not appear for
description, only for comments  
244245  nor  FIXE  WikiText should register wiki fileTypes with the team
244266  nor  FIXE  cheatsheet for MediaWiki shows html source  
244267  nor  FIXE  wikitext does not respect web browser settings when
opening links  
244271  nor  FIXE  Confluence hyperlink detection is incorrect when spaces
follow the url  
244352  nor  FIXE  Java class hyperlink detection sometimes chooses the
wrong class to open when clicked  
245186  nor  FIXE  junit tests fail when run from within eclipse  
245476  nor  FIXE  disable HTML tag Textile extensions in
245607  enh  FIXE  it should be possible to exclude specific headings from
the table of contents  
245608  nor  FIXE  parser state is not properly reset when block is closed 

245757  enh  FIXE  HTML viewer should paint horizontal rule  
245759  cri  FIXE  cannot run the HtmlViewer or MarkupViewer in a
stand-alone GUI  
247061  nor  FIXE  WikiText user guide should provide a wikitext-to-docbook
244272  tri  FIXE  cleanup compiler warnings  

Vote summary: 4/0/0 with 0 not voting 
  +1  Helen Bershadskaya
  +1  Rob Elves
  +1  Mik Kersten
  +1  Steffen Pingel

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