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[tools-pmc] Tools PMC discussion items

Hi Team,

I have a couple of Tools PMC discussion items and it has turned into a couple more. So here we go:

1) CVS cleanup.
We have discussed this in the past, but for Galileo we need to make this happen. The top level /cvsroot/tools is a dogs breakfast of folders. If we look at /cvsroot/modeling, you will see what we need to do. (GEF has an orphan folder in there was well).

2) Tools icon and branding.
Most of the other top level projects have a branding icon that shows up in help + about. I propose we do similar branding. We can also look at improving the tools website.

3) Bugzilla for Tools PMC
I wanted to raise Bugzillas for (1) and (2), but I had no idea how to create the Bugzillas. We do not have a top level tools Bugzilla component.

4) Tools PMC wiki
I knew we had tools PMC meetings, but could not find the minutes, they were on the PMC Dev list. We should post these on the Tools PMC wiki.

Back to the last tools PMC meeting you had on Aug 26, you state in the minutes that you were looking for New PMC membership. I am interested. I am willing to take the lead on all the above four items I am interested in on behalf of the GEF project.

Anthony Hunter mailto:anthonyh@xxxxxxxxxx
Software Development Manager: Eclipse Open Source Components
IBM Rational Software: Aurora / GEF PMC Lead / GMF Runtime Lead / Modeling Tools

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