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[tools-pmc] Tools PMC minutes

Tools PMC meeting,  August 26, 2008

1) discussion of project status and inactive projects
2) discuss additional PMC membership from the projects to drive more active PMC
3) education of projects in running their projects as per eclipse dev process

- Minutes -
Present: John, Doug and Bjorn
Absent: Jeff

Special notice for Bjorns first Tools PMC meeting
 Welcome Bjorn,  get to work !

Agenda Items.

1) Discussion of inactive projects  

PMC noted that some projects have had minimal or no activity for extended period of time.

Discussion of two major projects which have essentially no activity (no project lead, committers) .

        - no activity in VE, no active lead, efforts to get new lead have not succeeded
        - Tools PMC discussed with potential new leadership on rejuvenation of VE at EclipseCon 2008
                - no progress made
        Send email to new proposed lead to determine if revitalization of         the VE project is possible and if new lead is interested. If no interest, notify EMO for termination review of VE
        Owner: John

        - no activity in CVS for approximately 3 years
        - project team has shown activity in past but do no use the eclipse development process (cvs, bugzilla, newsgroups)
                - Send email to team lead to determine true project activity and willingness to work according to eclipse development process. If not, PMC to schedule a termination  review.
        Owner: Bjorn

        - Hibachi is a new project and still in incubation but it seems to have stalled (no activity since April). As this project is still incubating, PMC decided some extra attention is needed and we will review status to see what issues have come up.  
                - review status with project lead (Tom)
        Owner: Doug

2) New PMC membership

PMC discussed adding more project representation onto the PMC. Bjorn suggested "small steps" so we decided to approach projects which are fairly active and well run to start with. The PMC will follow up with Buckminster, Mylyn and PTP to see if their leads have time and interest in joining the PMC

3) eclipse dev process
        - item was deferred as the two projects which are most problematic are being addressed via actions above.

4) Other
        Meetings are one per month. In accordance with historical precedence, the meeting takes place in the presence of beer and pizza (this one meeting is an exception).

        Next PMC meeting is f2f when Bjorn will be in Ottawa - Oct 1. Location TBD.


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