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FW: [tools-pmc] RE: Eclipse Visual Editor project

Something for the agenda for today's call....

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Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 11:05 AM
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Subject: [tools-pmc] RE: Eclipse Visual Editor project

Tools PMC,


I was actually under the impression that the VE project was “under repair”, and that things were improving.


Any news on how things are progressing? We have an active interest in participation below. Who can help Radu get involved in the project?


Mike Milinkovich

Office: +1.613.224.9461 x228

Mobile: +1.613.220.3223



From: Radu Dumitrescu [mailto:rdu@xxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 3:41 AM
To: Mike.Milinkovich@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Eclipse Visual Editor project


Hello Mike,

I'm very sorry to disturb you but the lack of answers from the Visual Editor newsgroup left me with no other choice. I am a happy user of the Eclipse IDE and among other Eclipse projects I use Visual Editor. As you might know this project was abandoned by the foundation about 2 years ago (you know the reasons better than me and I'm not judging this decision). The problem is that during those two years some developers tried to contribute patches and versions suitable for new Eclipse releases but there is actually nobody with CVS commit rights on the Visual Editor project willing to help in any way. As a result, their code is available to download from sourceforge or other non Eclipse sites ...
I am willing to help this project because I know how usefull is for the development or Java GUI applications and that's why I'm searching for a solution to keep it alive. Maybe someone from the foundation can help by updating the CVS and the builds of this project with the contributed code, or maybe the commit rights can be given to somebody who can work on the project. Or maybe there is some other solution ...

Again, sorry for the email but the situation is very disturbing for the users of the Visual Editor.

Thanks for a reply and keep up the good work,
Radu Dumitrescu

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