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RE: [tools-pmc] Mylyn 2.1 did not have a Release Review

I don’t know if additional policing is required because as lead I take full responsibility for anything that goes wrong with our release reviews, and in this case it looks like this is a result of my not understanding well enough when release reviews are required.   I first proposed our 2.x release plans and schedule first in our 2.0 release review, and then in the following message:   To summarize, Mylyn is a project whose UI and user base is evolving quickly enough that we need to meet the following constraints:

·         Major UI usability problems or needs to be addressed for the next Europa/EPP update along with bug fixes, and in many cases are more important for our users than traditional “bug fixes”.  This means that our versions increment 2.1, 2.2, not 2.0.1, 2.0.2.  Fixing bugs without addressing usability and responding to key UI builds does not work for us since our user community has been growing so rapidly and having most users wait 12 months for UI changes would not support our evolution and growth.

·         We need to support two Eclipse streams (3.3/Europa and 3.4/Ganymede) with the same version of Mylyn.


These and additional factors discussed on bug 200628 mean that we have come up with a release schedule that has quarterly 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 releases, meshing with Europa updates, and leading up to Ganymede and Mylyn 3.0.  The way these are consumed is visible at the top of the following page:


The problem here is my assumption that our 2.x releases would be covered by the Europa release review as are Platform’s 3.3.x releases, and that we would not require another release review until Mylyn 3.0.  It sounds like this reasoning was flawed due to the fact that Mylyn’s UI evolves in the 2.x releases, and that we need to have a release review for each of those? 


Bjorn: as proposed in 2.0 review and post linked above, to which there were no objections, Mylyn 2.1 was included in the Europa Fall Update EPP packaging.  So I believe that it wouldn’t do much good to remove the latest versions from our update sites.  To start it sounds like we should do the 2.1 review ASAP (it will be a very straightforward update of the 2.0 review).  After that I’d like to figure out how exactly we fit into the current policy because having 4 release reviews a year will cause additional administrative overhead on the project that we didn’t factor in, in which case we may need to re-consider our release schedule based on this additional constraint.





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I find it personally regrettable that the EMO seemingly needs to be the lone policeman in these situations. Neither Bjorn nor I enjoy the role of traffic cop.


The PMC is supposed to have a role to play in ensuring that individual projects are following the development and IP processes.


Would it be unreasonable to ask the Tools PMC that they institute a process whereby all projects in Tools seek PMC approval before posting a M.N release? If you have another proposal, that would be fine. But I hope you get my drift J


Mike Milinkovich

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Subject: [tools-pmc] Mylyn 2.1 did not have a Release Review


Mik, Eugene, Gail, Ian, Rob, Steffen, (cc/ Tools PMC)
I noticed that the Mylyn web page announces the 2.1 release of Mylyn as of September 27th. However, I do not recall having a Release Review for 2.1 (looking at the list of completed reviews, I don't see it either). All major releases are required to go through a Release Review, where "major" is defined as M.N. Bug fix releases (M.N.P) are exempt assuming that there are no new features in a bug fix release.  The Mylyn N&N implies that there are new features in 2.1, so it's not just a bug fix release, right?

Thus, either:

  • There was a 2.1 Release Review and I am forgetting it (if so, please provide a url), or
  • The 2.1 Release is really a 2.0.1 Release and thus exempt (if so, please explain why the N&N shows new features), or
  • There was no 2.1 Release Review.

In the later case, you need to remedy that error ASAP. Anne will get you on the schedule in the absolutely next available slot. In the meantime, you should also take the 2.1 release off the website and the download and update site until it has had a Release Review and IP clearance.

- Bjorn


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