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RE: [tools-pmc] Suggestion for some CVS cleanup in tools

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ed Merks [mailto:merks@xxxxxxxxxx]
> There seem to be two aspectj projects, but I don't see any activity 
> in the newsgroup.  Is that project active?
> Archive it and delete it if not.  

AspectJ (org.aspectj) and AJDT (org.eclipse.ajdt) are two distinct projects,
still active (use mailing lists instead of newsgroups, 42 posts on
aspectj-users in past 2 weeks) and already use the "one root folder" format.

> Do you want to reuse some of the build infrasture we are using more than a
> dozen of our modeling components?  It comes complete with automatic
> publishing, release note generation, dropping to Ganymede, and more...

Ed, I'd be interested in reusing anything we can from you, because Mylyn is
about to redo its build process and it seems very similar.  Could you point
me at it? 

> It's pretty easy to have a
> project file set for people to use to access the new location.  

Just fyi, we've found it useful to set up a project set for HEAD and each
branch that we maintain:


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