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RE: [tools-pmc] Suggestion for some CVS cleanup in tools


I agree.  Probably a lot of this stuff is noise.  I used to find
frustrating hunting for emf amoung in the sea of hyades (though now I know
about project file sets so that makes me happier).   UML and EMF (all
folders with *emf* and *uml* matching the name under tools) have moved so I
think these can just be deleted, right Nick?  This will help ensure that no
one ends up finding the old stuff.    Similarly, hasn't hyades been moved
to TPTP?  I didn't know there was a cobol project.  Is that project active?
If not, archive it and delete it.   There seem to be two aspectj projects,
but I don't see any activity in the newsgroup.  Is that project active?
Archive it and delete it if not.  How is *.php related to *.ptp?  Has the
former been subsumed by the later?  We could clean up the leavings if so.
If Zest gets added to draw2d and gef and Nick redoes their builds to use
the same infrastructure as the modeling builds, I'm sure he'll want to
reorganize those (but they are small hitters in this story).  And ve seems
all spread out so I can see why Philippe will want to reorganize those.  Do
you want to reuse some of the build infrasture we are using more than a
dozen of our modeling components?  It comes complete with automatic
publishing, release note generation, dropping to Ganymede, and more...
Doug, are you willing to reorganize CDT?  It's pretty easy to have a
project file set for people to use to access the new location.  Your web
home page sucks by the way.  :-P  And your contributing to CDT page would be improved by providing a
project file set instead of the dubious instructions that say "The plugins
are under folder org.eclipse.cdt/all" .  Where exactly is that folder?  I
don't see it.  Consistent organizational structure accross project would
certainly help make Eclipse be more open.

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>Mind you that changes to
> repositories is highly disruptive (having gone through it in the past)
I second Mik on the fact that a web master move incura very little
And the projects involved are either dead and eligible for archiving, or
have moved elsewehere (ie emf)
If you move hyades, cobol, emf and uml2 under an /archive dir, I doubt
anyone will be annoyed for instance


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> Subject: RE: [tools-pmc] Suggestion for some CVS cleanup in tools
> Yes, it really is up to the Projects to decide how to lay out their
> repositories. Feel free to raise bugs on them. Mind you that
> changes to
> repositories is highly disruptive (having gone through it in the past)
> I've also been on the record saying I wouldn't mind seeing
> projects get
> their own repositories if they so decide. I'm not sure how we
> go about that
> since I'm not sure who owns the policy over who's allowed to create
> repositories. Copying webmaster to see if they know.
> Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
> Eclipse CDT Project Lead,
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> > Subject: RE: [tools-pmc] Suggestion for some CVS cleanup in tools
> >
> > Some other +1s for this:
> >
> >
> >
> > As far as I know nobody has spoken up against the idea, so
> I wonder if the
> > best thing to do now is to file bugs against those projects
> and allow them
> > to handle it on their own timeframe?  Fyi, it is possible
> to do such a
> > move
> > in a clean way with relatively little disruption by asking
> the webmaster
> > to
> > move your CVS directories.  When we last did a move of this
> sort we asked
> > all committers to synch outgoing changes, requested the
> move in CVS, and
> > had
> > everyone re-check out an updated project set later that same day.
> >
> > Mik
> >
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> > > Subject: [tools-pmc] Suggestion for some CVS cleanup in tools
> > >
> > > Hi:
> > > I would like to suggest some simple reorgs in the tools
> CVS project.
> > > There are a lot of project who have a low level of
> activities (cobol)
> > > or
> > > have moved to other places (hyades ->tptp)
> > > It does not promote the project to have a messy CVS with a lot of
> > > obsolete modules.
> > > Could we have an organization similar to that of the more recent
> > > newcomers like PDT or Mylyn?
> > > That is: one top level module for each project?
> > > Cordially
> > >
> > >
> > > --
> > > Cheers
> > > Philippe
> > >
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