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Re: [tools-pmc] PTP 1.1 release review

Greg, below is a message from the PDE list on a some new function just added. It is a bit rough as yet but it may be interesting to run it on your 1.0 and 1.1 code and see what it reports as the differences.  You might discover some things that were either not intended or not required.

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[pde-ui-dev] API Tools: initial code added to the PDE incubator

Hi Everybody,

The initial work for the API tools has been submitted into PDE incubator under “api-tooling” folder.

It has two portions:

- API comparison tool: discovers backward compatibility problems and new APIs

- Reference extraction tool: produces list of references to all “outside” code.

I also started a Wiki page for it (which I admit is very brief at the moment):

In plans are adding UI and command line invocation modes for the API comparison tool, the other half of the reference extraction tool that would allow developers to see who uses their APIs (and non-APIs :-) ) and support an SQL database as a back end.

Another aspect we are considering for future is adding OSGi bundle version checking on top of API comparison.

Any thoughts, suggestions, and comments are very welcome.

As with most of our work, the amount of effort we spend on an area is dictated by the interest it gets from the community. So, if this area is of interest to you don’t be shy to say it! (And if your product build team is not on this list please feel free to forward this message to them.)


Oleg Besedin
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