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Re: [tools-pmc] website

Yes, I've just confirmed that there are a number of recent changes to
the Phoenix theme which aren't in Lazarus. I'm pulling these across
now and testing it out. I've raised a bug to attach my Lazarus update

I suggest we revisit the issues after that's gone in.


On 21/11/06, Jeff McAffer <Jeff_McAffer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hey Matt,

Matt Chapman wrote on 11/21/2006 09:06:09 AM:

 > I created the Lazarus theme by cloning the Phoenix theme and
 > changing the top banner. There was never any intention to alter
 > fonts or link colours. Since then, various changes have been made to
 > the Phoenix theme and to other parts of the Phoenix infrastructure,
 > and I think that has resulted in some of these issues:

Thanks for the answers.  The issues I'm raising here are the same as the
ones I (and others) raised against the main site.  For the most
part these have been addressed there.  Perhaps Lazarus needs to be updated
with the same fixes.

> 1. Fonts. It looks like you've pressed the large 'A' to increase the
 > font size. If you select the smaller size, do the fonts then look
 > the same between the two pages? This font size control was added
 > since Lazarus was created. If you prefer this control instead of
 > using your browser's font size control (such as Control-+), then we
 > could look at adding the control to Lazarus.

Yes A has been pressed.  Without that all of the fonts are too
small.  For me and many other people.

> 2. Browser width. If the width of the browser window is too small,
 > the top nav links overlap or get truncated. The same issue applies
 > to both themes, it's just that the layout of Lazarus means it hits
 > the issue first. I originally made sure that the Lazarus theme
 > looked ok down to a width of around 800 pixels, but since then items
 > have been added to the top nav section, which means that the minimum
 > width is now around 1000 pixels, which is rather too high.

Yes, 1000 is quite wide.

> 3. Links not visible. I don't follow this one - I can see the links
 > in your screenshot. Maybe it's because of the difference in font
 > size - at the same size, do the links then show in the same way?

The standard font setup relies on font color to indicate links.  Perhaps it
is just my eyes or my computer but dark purple 8 point font is
indistinguishable from black 8 point font.  As a result, you look at a page
and cannot tell where any of the links are.  With the alternate A font
setup, the links show up as bold and purple and are quite easy to see.

> 4. Main content width. This is not related to the theme. If the
 > browser doesn't believe it can fit a section in, it moves it down.
 > The difference between the two pages is that the Tools page doesn't
 > have a right-hand column and so the main section is wider. The
 > midcolumn block on this page is given a width of 80%, to fill some
 > space that would otherwise be taken up with a right-hand column, but
 > this is arbitrary because the left-hand column is given a fixed
 > width of 140 pixels. So we really want the midcolumn to have a width
 > of ( window.width - 140 - margins), but I believe this would require
 > JavaScript. That's one solution, or we can avoid the issue somewhat
 > by making the column narrower, leaving whitespace or adding a right-
 > hand column - if there is some content relating to the Tools page
 > that we could add here.

Right.  The challenge here is that users have to make their browsers some
largish minimum width to use the site.

> By the way, to see what the tools page looks like under the default
 > Phoenix theme, change Lazarus to Phoenix in this line in
 >     $theme = "Lazarus";

Yup.  I'm sure this would work.

In the end I don't really care about the look but people should not be
"jarred" when moving from one project to another (e.g., I have to change
broswer font sizes to use the Tools page but no others).  The way it is now,
navigating from the projects page to all the top level projects looks/works
fine except the Tools project (and the ones that have not converted yet).

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