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Re: [tools-pmc] website

Hi Jeff,

I understand, it certainly doesn't look great from your screenshots. The problem with web page issues like this is that everyone seems to end up with a slightly different experience. As the attached screenshots show, for me both pages look fine.

I created the Lazarus theme by cloning the Phoenix theme and changing the top banner. There was never any intention to alter fonts or link colours. Since then, various changes have been made to the Phoenix theme and to other parts of the Phoenix infrastructure, and I think that has resulted in some of these issues:

1. Fonts. It looks like you've pressed the large 'A' to increase the font size. If you select the smaller size, do the fonts then look the same between the two pages? This font size control was added since Lazarus was created. If you prefer this control instead of using your browser's font size control (such as Control-+), then we could look at adding the control to Lazarus.

2. Browser width. If the width of the browser window is too small, the top nav links overlap or get truncated. The same issue applies to both themes, it's just that the layout of Lazarus means it hits the issue first. I originally made sure that the Lazarus theme looked ok down to a width of around 800 pixels, but since then items have been added to the top nav section, which means that the minimum width is now around 1000 pixels, which is rather too high. Personally I think there are now too many entries along the top, regardless of theme, and I raised a bug for this:
and there hasn't yet been any feedback on this. I guess if this many entries are kept, I will think about how Lazarus could be changed to accommodate them all better - maybe by moving the search box.

3. Links not visible. I don't follow this one - I can see the links in your screenshot. Maybe it's because of the difference in font size - at the same size, do the links then show in the same way?

4. Main content width. This is not related to the theme. If the browser doesn't believe it can fit a section in, it moves it down. The difference between the two pages is that the Tools page doesn't have a right-hand column and so the main section is wider. The midcolumn block on this page is given a width of 80%, to fill some space that would otherwise be taken up with a right-hand column, but this is arbitrary because the left-hand column is given a fixed width of 140 pixels. So we really want the midcolumn to have a width of ( window.width - 140 - margins), but I believe this would require _javascript_. That's one solution, or we can avoid the issue somewhat by making the column narrower, leaving whitespace or adding a right-hand column - if there is some content relating to the Tools page that we could add here.

By the way, to see what the tools page looks like under the default Phoenix theme, change Lazarus to Phoenix in this line in _projectCommon.php:
    $theme = "Lazarus";



On 21/11/06, Jeff McAffer <Jeff_McAffer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hey Matt,

The "off" comment was not meant to be pajorative per se but the Lazarus theme (at least as seen on Tools) has several issues that have been resolved in other Eclipse themes (whatever the default is "works" fine).  I've included a couple screen shots below.  The first is the Projects page, the next is the Tools page.  Same browser, same settings, ...  So, issues with the Tools page,
- fonts too small
- links not visible
- top nav bar fonts too squished
- main content section requires a particular width (if your browser window is not wide enough the content section gets shifted down at least in Firefox)




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Re: [tools-pmc] website

Hi Jeff,

The current look is deliberate - sorry to hear you think it looks "off"!

It is using a phoenix theme called "Lazarus", and it is at least a one
line change if the decision is to revert to the regular phoenix theme
called "Phoenix". The fonts on the main body of the page are the same
in both cases. Lazarus deliberately uses slightly smaller fonts for
the top banner in order to increase the focus on the project-specific
links, as the top links are general eclipse ones and don't relate
directly to the project - for example if you presented someone with a
phoenix theme project page for the first time and asked them to
download that project, most will click on the larger more prominent
download link at the top which will take them to the general download
page, and they then have to find the required project again.

Another feature of Lazarus is the "project-branding" section
incorporated into the top banner. This can be set once for all pages
in a project to provide a consistent logo or title.

The Lazarus theme is also used by the Mylar, AspectJ, and AJDT
websites, and was developed for these websites in response to issues
raised when first prototyping phoenix versions. Use of the theme was
also considered in the redesign of the front page (but it
was considered not well tested enough at the time).



On 19/11/06, Jeff McAffer <Jeff_McAffer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> So I was looking to add Orbit (and myself) to the Tools website and found
> that the look is somewhat off.  In particular, the font sizes are not set
> properly (way too small) and the overall look/theme differs from much fo the
> rest of the site.  I recently went through the Equionx and Orbit
> sites and "fixed" them.  Any opposition to doing the same to Tools?
> Jeff
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