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Re: [tools-pmc] website

great.  lets wait and see

"Matt Chapman" <mpchapman@xxxxxxxxx>
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11/21/2006 11:55 AM

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"Tools PMC mailing list" <tools-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: [tools-pmc] website

Yes, I've just confirmed that there are a number of recent changes to
the Phoenix theme which aren't in Lazarus. I'm pulling these across
now and testing it out. I've raised a bug to attach my Lazarus update

I suggest we revisit the issues after that's gone in.


On 21/11/06, Jeff McAffer <Jeff_McAffer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey Matt,
> Matt Chapman wrote on 11/21/2006 09:06:09 AM:
>  > I created the Lazarus theme by cloning the Phoenix theme and
>  > changing the top banner. There was never any intention to alter
>  > fonts or link colours. Since then, various changes have been made to
>  > the Phoenix theme and to other parts of the Phoenix infrastructure,
>  > and I think that has resulted in some of these issues:
> Thanks for the answers.  The issues I'm raising here are the same as the
> ones I (and others) raised against the main site.  For the most
> part these have been addressed there.  Perhaps Lazarus needs to be updated
> with the same fixes.
> > 1. Fonts. It looks like you've pressed the large 'A' to increase the
>  > font size. If you select the smaller size, do the fonts then look
>  > the same between the two pages? This font size control was added
>  > since Lazarus was created. If you prefer this control instead of
>  > using your browser's font size control (such as Control-+), then we
>  > could look at adding the control to Lazarus.
> Yes A has been pressed.  Without that all of the fonts are too
> small.  For me and many other people.
> > 2. Browser width. If the width of the browser window is too small,
>  > the top nav links overlap or get truncated. The same issue applies
>  > to both themes, it's just that the layout of Lazarus means it hits
>  > the issue first. I originally made sure that the Lazarus theme
>  > looked ok down to a width of around 800 pixels, but since then items
>  > have been added to the top nav section, which means that the minimum
>  > width is now around 1000 pixels, which is rather too high.
> Yes, 1000 is quite wide.
> > 3. Links not visible. I don't follow this one - I can see the links
>  > in your screenshot. Maybe it's because of the difference in font
>  > size - at the same size, do the links then show in the same way?
> The standard font setup relies on font color to indicate links.  Perhaps it
> is just my eyes or my computer but dark purple 8 point font is
> indistinguishable from black 8 point font.  As a result, you look at a page
> and cannot tell where any of the links are.  With the alternate A font
> setup, the links show up as bold and purple and are quite easy to see.
> > 4. Main content width. This is not related to the theme. If the
>  > browser doesn't believe it can fit a section in, it moves it down.
>  > The difference between the two pages is that the Tools page doesn't
>  > have a right-hand column and so the main section is wider. The
>  > midcolumn block on this page is given a width of 80%, to fill some
>  > space that would otherwise be taken up with a right-hand column, but
>  > this is arbitrary because the left-hand column is given a fixed
>  > width of 140 pixels. So we really want the midcolumn to have a width
>  > of ( window.width - 140 - margins), but I believe this would require
>  > _javascript_. That's one solution, or we can avoid the issue somewhat
>  > by making the column narrower, leaving whitespace or adding a right-
>  > hand column - if there is some content relating to the Tools page
>  > that we could add here.
> Right.  The challenge here is that users have to make their browsers some
> largish minimum width to use the site.
> > By the way, to see what the tools page looks like under the default
>  > Phoenix theme, change Lazarus to Phoenix in this line in
> _projectCommon.php:
>  >     $theme = "Lazarus";
> Yup.  I'm sure this would work.
> In the end I don't really care about the look but people should not be
> "jarred" when moving from one project to another (e.g., I have to change
> broswer font sizes to use the Tools page but no others).  The way it is now,
> navigating from the projects page to all the top level projects looks/works
> fine except the Tools project (and the ones that have not converted yet).
> Jeff
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