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Re: [tools-pmc] website

My two cents:

+1 on trying to do >something< about the confusing 'eclipse general' vs. 'project specific' links. Apache sites have the same issues, especially looking at something like a project in jakarta commons, which is very 'deep' - the actual project, jakarta commons, jakarta, apache.

Actually, now that I've just browsed some of those sites, I think they must have cleaned up their act quite a bit, or I'm just remembering how it worked differently. Looks quite good now, as far as I'm concerned.

For example, take a look at:

To step 'out' of that project, there's a link at the top right of the page to take you to 'commons' in general. In the right hand nav-bar, there are more 'commons' links, all the way at the bottom. The logo at the top left will take you to the grandparent.

I think that's what you want to shoot for; if I go to a project page, give me a link to go 'up', and perhaps some interesting 'aunt/uncle' links, but make them 2nd class citizens. Most people aren't going to need these links, so get them out of way.

Patrick Mueller

On Nov 19, 2006, at 5:26 AM, Matt Chapman wrote:

... Lazarus deliberately uses slightly smaller fonts for
the top banner in order to increase the focus on the project-specific
links, as the top links are general eclipse ones and don't relate
directly to the project - for example if you presented someone with a
phoenix theme project page for the first time and asked them to
download that project, most will click on the larger more prominent
download link at the top which will take them to the general download
page, and they then have to find the required project again.

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