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Re: [tools-pmc] website

Hi Jeff,

The current look is deliberate - sorry to hear you think it looks "off"!

It is using a phoenix theme called "Lazarus", and it is at least a one
line change if the decision is to revert to the regular phoenix theme
called "Phoenix". The fonts on the main body of the page are the same
in both cases. Lazarus deliberately uses slightly smaller fonts for
the top banner in order to increase the focus on the project-specific
links, as the top links are general eclipse ones and don't relate
directly to the project - for example if you presented someone with a
phoenix theme project page for the first time and asked them to
download that project, most will click on the larger more prominent
download link at the top which will take them to the general download
page, and they then have to find the required project again.

Another feature of Lazarus is the "project-branding" section
incorporated into the top banner. This can be set once for all pages
in a project to provide a consistent logo or title.

The Lazarus theme is also used by the Mylar, AspectJ, and AJDT
websites, and was developed for these websites in response to issues
raised when first prototyping phoenix versions. Use of the theme was
also considered in the redesign of the front page (but it
was considered not well tested enough at the time).



On 19/11/06, Jeff McAffer <Jeff_McAffer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So I was looking to add Orbit (and myself) to the Tools website and found
that the look is somewhat off.  In particular, the font sizes are not set
properly (way too small) and the overall look/theme differs from much fo the
rest of the site.  I recently went through the Equionx and Orbit
sites and "fixed" them.  Any opposition to doing the same to Tools?


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