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[tools-pmc] July 24, Minutes of the Tools PMC meeting with Pizza lunch

PMC mailing list readers .... here are the long delayed minutes of the last PMC meeting

July 24, Minutes of the Tools PMC meeting with Pizza lunch.
Attendees: John Duimovich, Doug Schaefer

0) Lunch
Action: Lunch was a large Colonnade special, built for two and some carbonated beverages.

Real Agenda topics.

1) New to find new project leads.
VE - The current lead, David Orme is moving on. Need to find a new lead

*Action*: Joe Winchester has agreed to be the lead. Joe is a long time committer and an excellent ambassador for VE.
       Joe is now the official lead for VE

GEF - the current defacto lead, Steve Shaw moving on. GEF is a small project and the lead is usually the tech person who is most active. The recommendation from Steve is that Anthony Hunter become the new Lead: Anthony is already a committer to Eclipse platform and the GMF project and brings a wealth of experience from those projects to the GEF framework. Anthony's role within GEF will be to maintain project schedule, web site information and represent the project within Callisto to ensure requirements are met.

*Action*: PMC agrees to vote Anthony as the new Lead for GEF.

2) New and/or moving Projects
Discussion of new proposals which want to be incubated in Tools.

i) Orbit - new project proposal - Lead is Jeff McAffer - Project focus is to ensure common third party components and all created in a standard way and allow re-use. Also will help with IP issues as the components will be reviewed by the Eclipse Legal staff. This does not replace the approval process still required for projects to use third party code but will likely speed up the due diligence as components are well known already.

*Action*: PMC agrees to support Orbit into Tools. PMC will also (once the project is running) look for PMC representation from the Orbit project to join the PMC.

ii) moving projects
       Aspect/J and AJDT
       - maturing project, aligns with Tools charter
       PTP (and possibly photran)
       - close coupling with CDT ... lots of reuse...
       Others ?

*Action*: PMC agrees to discuss moving AJDT and Aspect/J as well as PTP to the Tools PMC. Will need to be coordinated with Tech PMC.

3) Common Language IDE and COBOL
- see if overlap with COBOL (static compiled lang) and other static langs (C/C++ and Fortran) can be used to help COBOL project *Action*: PMC did not discuss this (forgot to)
4) PMC membership.
       - Discussion of model for PMC membership.

*Action*: PMC plans to add appropriate project leads to PMC for proper representation of their projects.

5) Other
CVS - consider cleanup (archive) of CVS ... specifically Hyades which has lots of modules and projects has moved to new PMC
Web site - Main tools site is stale - should update to new template ?

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