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Re: [tinydtls-dev] master-key generation problem

Michael Morscher <morscher@xxxxxx> writes:

> On 11.05.2017 10:54, Olaf Bergmann wrote:
>> Hoping that there is no stack smashing: Do you happen to know the
>> current endianness of your CC2538 platform?
> The define for `BYTE_ORDER` is set to `LITTLE_ENDIAN` as far as I've
> checked and RIOT states the same:
> GCC: mcpu=cortex-m3 -mlittle-endian -mthumb -mfloat-abi=soft
> And in the .map:
> OUTPUT(.../RIOT/examples/dtls-echo/bin/cc2538dk/dtls_echo.elf
> elf32-littlearm)

Okay, this looks good so far---the code is well tested for LE, and it
seems to be consistent throughout your platform.

Could you insert a canary above your data segment and check if gets
overwritten by the stack?


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