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Re: [tinydtls-dev] master-key generation problem

Hi Olaf,

I tried to dig a bit deeper but I'm not finding much answers. However the main logic like key length/copying keys etc. works fine. I've debugged a x86 version of the dtls-server example supplied by the library and it works the same way. However on my CC2538 platform the result of the master key is plain wrong.

I am not sure where the problem is but my guesses are that I either have a stack/memory problem where the memcpy functions are just copying the wrong values or the SHA_XXX() functions or the SHA256 functions are delivering different values on my platform.

Not sure what's more feasible.


On 09.05.2017 17:00, Olaf Bergmann wrote:
Hi Michael,

Michael Morscher <morscher@xxxxxx> writes:

I am currently trying to use the `dtls-echo` example on `RIOT OS` on
the `CC2538DK platform`. The server is receiving the `key-exchange`,
`change-cipher` and `finished` messages.
Are you using PSK or ECC (with raw public keys) for your tests?  (The
code for parsing raw public keys had an error in older versions of


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