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[tinydtls-dev] master-key generation problem


I am currently trying to use the `dtls-echo` example on `RIOT OS` on the `CC2538DK platform`. The server is receiving the `key-exchange`, `change-cipher` and `finished` messages. However the `master-secret` that is generated by the `dtls_p_hash` function is not the same as on the client side. (Server uses 0.8.2, Client uses 0.8.6 on linux) The pre_master-secret is consistent but not the master key.

When I run the native example it works fine. So I guess I have more of a platform problem. What influences are there through the platform? I am initializing the random number generator with:
And I am starting the clock in `dtls_ticks()` by simply returning zero. So the timestamp starts ticking from 0/1970. Other than that I haven't changed much.

I am not really fit with the HMAC and hashing stuff so apart from stepping through I cannot find an error. I would be happy for any pointer.

Kind Regards

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