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[tigerstripe-dev] RE: Cascade Delete.

Hi Richard,


This is good news J!. See more comments inline.




From: Richard Craddock (rcraddoc)
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 12:00 PM
To: Eric Dillon (erdillon); Duncan Keysell (dkeysell)
Subject: Cascade Delete.




This all seems to work as you might expect!


If set to True, then Associations, AssociationClasses, Dependencies are all deleted if you delete the artifact at one end (either end).


None of the navigability/changeability/aggregation fields of an association seem to have any influence over the deletion.


It all works from either the explorer or direct on a diagram.


The only point of note is that REFERENCES are not cascade deleted, so you get a model error if you delete the thing at the end of reference. This is probably desirable.

[ER>] Indeed.


The only other thing I would say is that there is no indication to the user that the action will result in the deletion of multiple artifacts, and  once the are gone, they are gone!

[ER>] Let’s add that. Could you create a bugzilla for that?





Cascade Delete Relationships IS TRUE


Ent - Assoc - Ent


1. Delete Assoc - No obvious impact.

2. Delete Ent - Association also deleted.


Ent - AssocClass - Ent



1. Delete Assoc Class - No obvious impact.

2. Delete Ent - Association Class also deleted.



Ent - Reference - Ent


1. Delete Reference  Class - No obvious impact.

2. Delete Ent - No obvious impact.


Ent - Dependency - Ent


1. Delete Dependency - No obvious impact.

2. Delete Ent - Dependency also deleted.


Extends - no impact from deleting the "Parent", "Child" or the relationship.

[ER>] The implements relationship probably works similarly?


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