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[tigerstripe-dev] Some odd things...

I've been adding Javadoc to all of the methods in the api :-)
I came across a few odd bits and pieces:
1. Three of the Artifact types had a static String called DEFAULT_LABEL. This was never referenced anywhere. I deleted it in all 3 cases.
2. IManagedEntityArtifact has a getPrimaryKey() method. I cannot find a setter for this anywhere, neither do I have any idea what it is for! I think that the logic should have been moved to IossjEntitySpecifics, and this just got left behind. I have not deleted this without your agreement. (If we do delete it, then the inner class IPrimaryKey can go as well. (You have these in the new metamodel - don't forget to remove it there as well if you agree).
3. I think we have lost the javadoc descriptions for a lot of classes in the API - the class definitions themselves.
There are a few things that I don't know whether we should still have in the API.
AbstractArtifact,IMethod  - I have moved them to the end of the respective files.

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