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[tigerstripe-dev] Exposing PluginManager and supporting classes?

Hey Eric,
I am looking at dynamically changing the versions of enable plugins for a project via Maven/ANT. It would be helpful to be able to determine all of the installed plugins for this task. I noticed that I can get this information from the class, but the class is in an internal pkg. Could we expose these classes (or a subset?)? Is there a query method already exposed that I am missing, by chance?
What I am thinking here is say version 1.4 of plugin x is enabled via Tigerstripe.xml. 1.4 is not installed in the new eclipse/ts workbench environment because the user would like to use 1.5 (setting this value in the pom.xml file). Maven would retrieve and install 1.5. I would then need to enable 1.5 for the project.
If I can determine that 1.5 is installed, I can then disable 1.4 and enable 1.5 for the project and the build can proceed. If it is not installed, I can throw an error and the build will fail. This would help in moving all build settings to the Maven/ANT builds instead of manually having to update Tigerstripe.xml for each change.

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