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[tigerstripe-dev] Headless Build

Hey Richard,
I have a couple of questions regarding Tigerstripe in a headless environment.
This is just a quick rundown of what I would like to do (I am sure that I am oversimplifying :-), and need you to help fill in a bit on the Tigerstripe api side of things.
1. Download an eclipse sdk zip file and unzip to local working directory
2. Download all Tigerstripe dependencies (GEF, EMF, etc) and unzip to eclipse\plugins directory
3. Download minimum subset of Tigerstripe plugins required for a Tigerstripe build and unzip to eclipse\plugins directory
4. Programmatically bootstrap Tigerstripe (in Maven mojo??)
5. Download Tigerstripe plugins (from our maven repository) and unzip in eclipse\tigerstripe\plugins directory
6. Programmatically "deploy" tigerstripe plugins, if necessary (question: am I good to go as long as the plugins are in the plugin directory or do I need to do some config beyond this??)
7. Run model based sub-builds to generate artifacts based on model and Tigerstripe plugins (using tigerstripe.xml for config for first pass)
Once I have made it this far, I would like to be able to configure a Tigerstripe plug-in from a Maven pom file (via a Mojo) and/or an Ant build script. Is this possible to do programmatically?
I am still in the early stages of this, and would like to chat a bit tomorrow, if possible. I thought I would throw this out on the list just to start a discussion if anyone else has any thoughts.

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