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[tigerstripe-dev] Annotations first-look

Hi Jim,


Thanks much for the quick demo. This is shaping up nicely. As mentioned I wanted to capture the items we covered on the phone:

-          Should we provide a “IAnnotable” interface that clients would need to be adaptable too to get the URI (key for annotation). The answer is probably “yes”. We could even register a default AdapterFactory for IResources e.g. so the annotations view would work out-of-the-box on the workspace.

-          How do we specify the context of the annotations (which indirectly determines the location of the annotation-store)?

-          This also leads to the question of cascading annotations. When annotating a model that has references to other models where annotations may already have been defined.


Let’s polish up the POC a bit more before we demo to the rest of the group:

-          More “re-active” Annotation View

-          Beef up the demo scenario with more meaningful annotations and context

-          Add “Revert” or “Undo” button, “Default” button for default values together with the existing “Apply”.

-          Work out any layout issue.


We’ll try and schedule a demo to the group sometime early next week depending on schedule.




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