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[tigerstripe-dev] Community Call Canceled tomorrow (01/28/08)

Hi All,


I have to cancel tomorrow’s Tigerstripe Community call as I’ll be traveling.


We made a lot of progress however this past week. Here is a quick update:

-          3rd party .jar: Eclipse Legal has scheduled Velocity for Feb’08. We are hoping to get Qdox’s last questionnaires in time for the same Feb milestone.

-          Annotations: we have an early prototype working (Thx to Jim). At this stage we can annotate/decorate any URI in the workspace. Jim is polishing a demo for early feedback. The next step will be looking at integration with Tigerstripe. As it stands the annotation framework will be completely generic allowing to annotate/decorate any resource in the workspace.

-          Mentors Intro: Steve, Ed and I met with our mentors and another Cosmos member last Tuesday. We provided an intro to Tigerstripe and got some nice feedback.

o        We will explore integration with Cosmos (maybe leading to a f2f in EclipseCon).

o        The main recommendation from our mentors at this stage was to “polish up” our API. A Stable, properly designed API is a key to adoption of the project…  so we will polish it J.

-          Tigerstripe API refactor: Thanks to Richard a lot has happened already, however a lot more is required. We are keeping track of all changes in apiRefactoring-notes.txt in the base plugin. Changes range from renaming of classes and packages, to more involved re-work around the lifecycle of the model artifact to ensure integrity of the model, and true-decoupling of the persistence layer. We are hoping to get to a first “integration build” late this week, or early next week. At this time, we’ll probably start porting the testing framework (Duncan J?) to make sure we haven’t broken anything.


I’ll work with Jim this week to schedule a demo of the Annotations stuff.




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