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[tigerstripe-dev] API refactoring (Bug 215255)

Some things about the refactoring of the api stuff:
1. There is a comment in IAbstractArtifact  to the effect that artifacts
in modules return something different (null) from artifacts in "proper
projects" , however the refactoring means that there are not two
different things to return. I don't understand what was meant to happen
* Returns the details contained in the project that this artifact
* to.
* NOTE: this is always populated, as opposed to
* {@link #IextTigerstripeProject()} which returns null for artifacts
* contained in Modules.
* @return

public IProjectDescriptor getIProjectDescriptor();

2. When I did the testing it all seems to work, but I am not clear now
what gets into the external api zip file (and how). Do we still need
that/need to update some references somewhere?

3. There are some items in the code that are already deprecated (mostly
around multiplicity enumerations etc) I think we should consider
deleting them at this point.

4. Re: further refactoring to put most stuff behind an "internal"
package. I have made some possible changes here and in the attached
javadoc you should be able to see what I am proposing should be
"visible" as a first pass. Generally I have tried to include only those
things that  are used in plugins, or in some simple imports.

I have not reviewed the actual classes themselves... I think there are
methods that return objects that are not in the exposed classes, which
doesn't make a lot of sense?

(I have also left stuff in a bizarrely named package -
org.eclipse.tigerstripe.internal.api......but we can tidy that up as a
next go round.)

Does this look a sensible set of things to be exposing? Are we confident
that stuff in here will be very stable? Note that this is not put back
yet - so it exists only on my machine.

Comments welcome from all..



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