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[tigerstripe-dev] RE: Plugin failures

Hi Jim,


Well based on the prototyping you did with Maven – Eclipse headless last week… it seems we should include that in the Mojo properly?

Do you know how to works (i.e. getting the exit code of the Java command leading to starting Eclipse headless). I have to say too, that in this case I’d have to look how to properly return a code/message from eclipse headless too.


This all sounds very feasible though.


I have raised Bug 215833 to address running Tigerstripe from Maven as an Eclipse Headless app rather than a self contained Java app as it is now (the reason being that we get all the Eclipse bells and whistles if we do that… which we don’t at the moment), and will make a note about the return code to be handled as well.


Considering the Eclipse legal folks are still waiting on Questionnaires from Qdox and Velocity committers, we are probably a couple of weeks away from our first OS build at best, so we should be able to get this in that build.




From: Jim Strawn (jistrawn)
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2008 8:54 AM
To: Richard Craddock (rcraddoc)
Cc: Eric Dillon (erdillon); Duncan Keysell (dkeysell)
Subject: RE: Plugin failures


a) yep


b) I *think* so, I was messing with that a bit but had to move on to other things. The issue is with the way things stand now (and it *may* not even be an issue, I just need to investigate) is that we have tigerstripe wrapped in ANT wrapped in Maven.


I agree, we need to keep an eye on this an try to work it into the build when feasible.





From: Richard Craddock (rcraddoc)
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2008 10:51 AM
To: Jim Strawn (jistrawn)
Cc: Eric Dillon (erdillon); Duncan Keysell (dkeysell)
Subject: Plugin failures



I may be talking nonsense, but I *think* you said something about the build does not detect a plugin failure and will continue attempting to try to build.


I was chatting to Eric today and mentioned this and it seems it could be pretty easy to put some stuff into Tigerstripe that returns a different exit code that you could catch.


so a) Have I got this right?


b) Would something as simple as return code of -1 be sufficient to enable your maven build script to catch and exit?


Not saying this would be in any build until we go open source but we should plan for improvements wherever we can.





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