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[tigerstripe-dev] ext vs. int API

Hi Richard,


As part of the legacy code clean-up activities, I think we need to take a close look at the API(s).


First of all the split between internal and external API kind of made sense when we weren’t open-source, but it certainly doesn’t anymore. On top of that, it makes the code very messy and inconsistent. This may even get worse, as we currently have 2 APIs, 1 for Eclipse plugins, 1 for TS plugins but as we will (I think I understand how now) migrate TS plugins to be proper Eclipse plugins too (you will finally get a debugger I guess J), this doesn’t make sense anymore.


Second, there is a convention in Eclipse plugins that API code should be exported to other plugins, and that this API is considered stable. Anything that is not stable, or not part of the API should be under a “.internal.*” package.


Third… since we in the process of migrating the plugins, we need to make this change now, rather than forcing another plugin migration.


So… I know I asked you to split up the API into ext and non-ext a while back… how about you re-unite them now J?


I’d put that on the agenda for this coming Monday’s call… but it appears to be a holiday in the US… and I don’t want to delay the discussion until the following week.






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