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[texlipse-dev] Can't set build tools: Browser doesn't show system file hierarchy.

System: Eclipse Neon.3, MACBook Pro, OSX Sierra (10.12.6).

I've installed Texlipse 2.0 and am trying to set up the build tools.
My Tex distribution bin directory is:


To set the directory I try to Browse to this spot in the usual way.
But when I bring up the Texclipse instantiation of the file browser at
this place it does not show the system file hierarchy that is normally
found under the "Macintosh HD" device. In particular there is no /usr
shown in the browser, and thus no Browse access to the bin directory

I tried typing the bin directory path above into the "Bin directory of
TeX distribution" text box (i.e. not using the browse facility) but
when I click "Apply" the text box is simply emptied - no Apply is

If I try to set the build tools individually by clicking on each and
using the Edit button, same thing: the file browser does not show the
system hierarchy and /usr is inaccessible so they can't be set.

Of course I have made system files visible, but this has no effect.

This seems like a bug, and Texclipse is not usable for me because there is no way to
set the build tools.

Thanks for any insights,

- Les Gasser

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