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[texlipse-dev] TeX related project logo - TeXlipse


The popular TeXlipse project[1], a LaTeX-plugin for Eclipse, has been adopted by the Eclipse Foundation’s Science Working Group. We have secured the trademark «Eclipse TeXlipse» for the foundation and are now hoping to have a nice logo for the project.

Our IP-team is a bit worried that the proposed logo[2] might infringe on a trademark, so not knowing exactly who to ask, I’m reaching out to you in hope that you might help us clarify this issue. It is my understanding that using the representation of «TeX» together with some other artefacts is fine given that the project is related to «TeX» or «LaTeX». It would be great if you could confirm this or not.

Best regards,
Torkild U. Resheim
TeXlipse project lead


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