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[texlipse-dev] Build Tools: Manual entry works but not browser

I was now able to manually enter the "bin directory" path into the
build tools setup box. (I didn't have the complete path in my first tries).
Once I had the path info correct it could be entered manually and Applied
successfully. So now Texlipse 2.0 is usable for me.

However the Browse to the bin directory still doesn't work for the
reasons given before - no system file hierarchy is shown so you can't browse
to e.g. /usr/local/...  This is definitely a problem.

It would be tremendously useful to include some kind of error feedback
rather than just refusing to Apply an incomplete bin path. Something like "
"the path you entered isn't the bin directory of a Tex distribution." Just wiping out
a user entry with no explanation is confusing, not helpful.

- Les Gasser

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