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[technology-pmc] DSDP restructuring document and scheduling

Hey folks. Sorry, I think that several of you are copied multiple times here. I wanted to make sure that I had everybody who is affected by this on the list.

I have updated the DSDP Restructuring document [1]. I think we're almost there.

I have added a responsible individual for each part of the review. Effectively, responsible individuals need to (a) agree with what is proposed here, (b) provide IP Logs for review in the case of moves, and (c) initiate the necessary actions to effect the proposed change after the review is complete. Basically, this means that I'll be looking to you to create a detailed bug that webmaster and the legal folks can use to help you make the move/termination/creation/whatever work.

Please note that there is a new project creation embedded in this. This is permitted by the new version of the EDP (i.e. no proposal period is required).

Martin, I believe that this TCF creation is your baby (correct me if I'm wrong). I've taken a crack at the scope. Can you review this and fix  it as necessary. Also, I've added a section to discuss the relationship between TCF and other projects; ECF in particular as there seems to be overlap. In that regard, is this something that reasonably belongs in ECF?

I'd like to schedule this in September. How does a community review period from Sept 22 to 29 sound?

We'll need to have IP Logs submitted for MTJ, NAB, RTSC, Sequoyah, and TM prior to Sept 22 to make this happen.

Do we need more time?

If your name is listed as a responsible person and I don't hear from you in the next couple of days, I will assume consent.



Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation
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