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Re: [technology-pmc] Re: [nebula-dev] First Draft proposal to the Nebula-Project split

From the EDP:

The purpose of a Restructuring Review is to verify that there are no IP Legal impediments to the proposed restructuring, and to allow the community a chance to comment on that restructuring. Restructuring may involve splitting an existing Project into multiple Projects (typically one Operating Project into a Container Project with multiple new Operating Sub-Projects) and/or combining existing Projects into fewer Projects (typically multiple Operating Projects into a single Operating Project).
You just have to describe what you want to do. No proposals should be required in this case. You have to describe the final state and the steps that you intend to take to get there. One review. That's it.

FWIW, I think that technology.nebula.pshelf is a fine project name. But I'll leave it to you to decide if more clever names are required. We will have to do a trademark search on each of the names you select.

You can do a release at the container project level if you choose. You can do releases at each of the subproject levels and then have a rollup release at the container level. It's really up to you. A lot of projects do that today.

You request a review by asking emo.



Tom Schindl wrote:
Wayne Beaton schrieb:
Why not just do a single "Restructuring Review" I think that, in the
long run, it'll be easier and it will give the community ample
opportunity to review and comment. Essentially, you'd need something
along the lines of:

1) Turn Nebula into a container project


2) Create a new "incubator" operating project under Nebula; committers
will be X,Y,Z, ...

Do I need to file a project proposal for the incubator?

3) Move the code for A,B,C, ... into the incubator


4) Create a new project P under Nebula for ... with committers ....

Do I get this right the release is done by the a new project (e.g.
nebula-base (e.g. PGroup, PShelf, Grid, ...) - guys we need to come up
with a good name for this new project probably native speakers can help
us here) because container projects are not released, right?

How do I request such a review? I guess we need to check out IP-Log
though I'm quite confident at least for PGroup, PShelf and Grid the
IP-Log is clean.


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