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Re: [technology-pmc] Re: [nebula-dev] First Draft proposal to the Nebula-Project split

Wayne Beaton schrieb:
> Why not just do a single "Restructuring Review" I think that, in the
> long run, it'll be easier and it will give the community ample
> opportunity to review and comment. Essentially, you'd need something
> along the lines of:
> 1) Turn Nebula into a container project


> 2) Create a new "incubator" operating project under Nebula; committers
> will be X,Y,Z, ...

Do I need to file a project proposal for the incubator?

> 3) Move the code for A,B,C, ... into the incubator


> 4) Create a new project P under Nebula for ... with committers ....
> ...

Do I get this right the release is done by the a new project (e.g.
nebula-base (e.g. PGroup, PShelf, Grid, ...) - guys we need to come up
with a good name for this new project probably native speakers can help
us here) because container projects are not released, right?

How do I request such a review? I guess we need to check out IP-Log
though I'm quite confident at least for PGroup, PShelf and Grid the
IP-Log is clean.



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